Nothing says “Hey, look at me, I’m saving the environment” like throwing the most gaudy pair of wheels on your Toyota Prius and driving around Boulder, Colorado at 5mph under the speed limit.

I’d like to thank this person by dragging every key in my pocket down the side of their car.


3 Responses to “Look at me, I’m saving the environment!”

  1. Dustin Schaefer says:

    fricken assholes.

  2. erik seo says:

    Yah so those heavy ass blinged out wheels probably gets his environment saving Prius about 5mpg less than he should be getting with the lightweight stock wheels. Way to go buddy!

  3. Charlie says:

    I think it’s the perfect blend of ‘I’m an obnoxious twat’ and ‘I like to party.’ I do wonder if there is a thunderous system under the hatch. That would just take it to another level.

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