Figured I would hit you all up with some shots from the iPhone this week.  Let you all know what was really goin’ down here in Boulder.


I was on my evening road bike ride and had to stop to snap this picture.  Damn, that iPhone 3GS has a great camera.
Baseline Reservoir, Boulder - Overlooking the Flatirons


Resting poolside after destroying myself in the pool.  Big ups to TYR for making a dragsuit with skulls.


Spruce Pool, Boulder.  I take my lunch-breaks outside during the summer.


Here’s where all the Freeskier magic happens, folks.  The nerve center, my desk.
“What’s it like being The Architect” from The Matrix?” - Shay Will


Greg and Jason make a heart-stopping care package at Freeskier HQ for their trip from Boulder to SLC for the Outdoor Retailer show.  That many energy drinks for two people should be illegal.


Not a bad way to wrap up the week.

3 Responses to “From The iPhone”

  1. Kyle Barnoff says:

    That first shot was taken with the iPhone!? I don’t believe you, that is such a sick shot!

  2. David Amirault says:

    Kyle, on my life. That was taken with the iPhone 3GS. I edited it with an iPhone app called “Camerabag”, really trick little program that allows you to easily edit and save photos that you snap. Think it runs $5 in the app store.

  3. Chantelle Messenger says:

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