I went to my 3rd Colorado Rockies game of the season last night, this was the 1st time I’ve actually sat in a seat that wasn’t a luxury box at Coors Stadium so I got to see what the place is actually all about. Check out these prices, Sox Fans (who frequent Fenway) should start to pull their hair out when they see what a night of baseball will cost you here in Colorado.

Coors Field Ticket Price: $12.00
Seat Location: Front row, 1st baseline.
Services Included With Ticket: Free Parking, $5.00 Value.
Food & Beverage Included: Free Hot Dog & Medium Beverage, $8.00 Value.

I’m pretty sure that tickets haven’t been that cheap at Fenway in around 8 years. Not to mention that when they were at that price, it was probably for a location similar to where the Dunkin Dugout currently occupies… Aka, the nosebleed section.

So, I guess the one bad thing about the ballpark is that the Rockies play there and you’re subjected to some pretty awful baseball.

On the bright side, last night they set a club record for runs and slayed the Giants 20-8. At one point we just stopped paying attention to the ludacris mount of homeruns.

4 Responses to “Coors Field vs Fenway”

  1. amanda says:

    just got home from fenway…went with guys from corporate…damn thats the way to go. decent seats..free beers..free food. tons o fun. too bad we suck

  2. Ryan Amirault says:

    Don’t forget about the large 1-topping pizza from Papa John’s. ha

  3. Bernier says:

    How much was a beer? It can’t be like Fenway prices.

  4. T Bird says:

    Note to Dave: This is totally the outfield. “First baseline” usually means you are along the running track to first base, IMHO. I agree, the seats are great, but to call this the first baseline is a bit much. :P


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